petit pois studio

DON satin Corset

485 NIS
Balcony corset, rich with details and textures /Made from unique elastic satin/ Flexible with a pleasant touch / Finished with a decorated elastic lilac color ribbon / We designed it with so much love so you are sure going to feel it the moment you wear it.

∙ Balcony corset
∙ Cups are lined with elastic satin
∙ Flexible and pleasant to touch
∙ Sides are stitched with bones for maximal fit.
∙ Adjustable elastic straps, 0.6'' / 1.5 cm wide
∙ Finished with decorated elastic ribbon
∙ Closed with 3 levels hook

Wearing size 75-80A

∙ Hand wash in lukewarm water
∙ No squeezing
∙ Dry in shade, horizontally

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