My designs begin with the raw materials in mind. Beautiful lace I fell in love with or lustrous soft silk I could not resist. Our lace is imported from the Calais region of France, and the silk is carefully chosen with high attention to quality and production conditions.

I create with longevity in mind. Every time I design a new item, I ask myself if I would have loved it five years ago and if it is an item I would buy five years from now. This question guides me in refining and perfecting my designs into items that are timeless.

Production process and fabric sourcing is of paramount importance to us at Petit Pois. Our garments are crafted mostly by hand, utilising time- honoured techniques and high- quality raw materials, with meticulous attention to details and finishes to ensure each piece will be treasured for many years to come.


With the belief in mind that we are all responsible for knowing who the makers behind the items we purchase and wear are, and in what work environment they were sewn, Petit Pois is committed to striving to improve sustainability credentials year over year, and maintaining full transparency in with respect to non-polluting production processes, non- toxic fabrics and trims, proper ethical employment conditions, as well as the preservation of the community of seamstresses and traditional handicrafts.